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    Under the wise and able guidance of Kyabje Penor Rinpoche, the supreme head of Nyingma Lineage, Khenpo Namdrol, founded the Penor Rinpoche Buddhist Society - Nyingma Palyul Retreat Center at Yanglesho, Pharping, Nepal, in 1996, with the sole objective of supporting the needs of a variety of retreatants from short-term through to the traditional three-year retreat, for the preservation and propagation of the general Buddhist teachings and the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism in particular.

    With the passage of time, Khen Rinpoche felt the need to increase his spiritual activities and over time his wishes materialized with the start of the following projects with support from various organizations and individuals:some of the children

    Rinpoche's most recent project is The Manjushri Educational Project creating a scholarship fund for the children of poor families that live near the retreat center. To date 20 small children have been enrolled in classes 1 to 4 to the one of the best schools in Parphing, Nepal (Cardinal International Boarding High School).

    In 2011 Rinpoche conducted a Dungdrup Prayer Ceremony to be held at Kurjey Lhakhang, Bumthang, Bhutan starting 3 - 8 August, 2011. Previously Rinpoche organized a Kusum Dungdrup held in Yangleshod, Pharping, Nepal 9 - 21 October 2009.

    In 2002, Khen Rinpoche started the Padmasambhava Global Project for World Peace that devotes it's time, energy and resources in producing three different sizes of Guru Rinpoche's statues and installing them at places where his name has never heard of so that Guru Rinpoche's blessings will reach far and wide for the benefit of all sentient beings. Guru Rinpoche statue

    Having completed the construction and placement of 26 large Guru Rinpoche statues and many smaller Guru Rinpoche statues, Khen Rinpoche has turned his energies to another major project: construction of a full-scale Peaceful / Wrathful Mandala complete with statues of all 100 deities of the Guyhagarbha Tantra (the principal tantra of the Nyingma tradition).

    In 2006, Palri Parkhang Software Pvt Ltd, a registered company under the Nepalese Government was formed that undertakes preserving and publishing rare Tibetan Buddhist texts using modern technology. So far the company has been successful in inputting, cleaning, editing and publishing a thirteen volume scriptural text called Gongdu, a cycle of treasure teachings revealed by Terton Sangye Lingpa. Current projects include publishing of Khenpo Ngaga's collected teachings as well a restored version of the Adzom edition of Longchenpa's Seven Treasuries.

    In the same year, Palri Translation was founded that employs individuals who have the ability to translate Buddhist teachings from Tibetan to English for the benefit of English speaking Buddhist students. So far, the committee has translated the Outer Biography of Tulku Migyur Dorje which will be published in the coming year.

    In 2007, Palri Language and Computer Training was founded and registered as a company under the government of Nepal which carries out teaching English Language and Computer Training to local Nepalese and Tibetan students.