Padmasambhava Global Project for World Peace
Directly countering negativity in the current age.
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"Whoever has faith in Padmasambhava should do their utmost to create and spread images of Him."
Ven. Khenpo Namdrol Rinpoche

Contributions to the statue project are deeply appreciated.

Khenpo Namdrol Rinpoche has set forth the causes and conditions to create precious Guru Rinpoche statues and place them around the globe with the heartfelt aspiration to dispel negativity and create opportunities for universal peace.

We know the power of Guru Rinpoche's blessings; by actively participating in the creation and propagation of Padmasambhava images we can generate vast merit and bring benefit to all that come in contact with the Guru's blessing.

Khen Rinpoche is providing a wonderful opportunity for us to make this kind of connection on a global level with the hope that this project can swiftly remove obstacles and allow harmony to prevail.

Each statue is a replica (made from a mold) of originals sculpted by Bhutanese artists. Once the statues are completed, they ship from India to auspicious locations around the world and to sites chosen by sponsors.

The brass rupas are created from two different size molds the large statue is approximately 13' and the smaller statue measures at about 4' tall. The base cost of the large statue is $10,000 (before shipping). The 4' statue is $4000 (price includes printed mantra necessary for packing the statue and shipping from India to the US).
The statues are brass, Padmasambhava on Pema (Lotus). They do not include materials for throne. You may choose to have the statues painted and / or gold leafed.


Please find the type of giving opportunity that fits your circumstance and follow the directions below.

Wish Fulfilling Offering

Those who have faith in the power of Padmasambhava and have the pure wish to aid in accomplishing the propagation of these statues may contribute any amount, according to their means. These contributions are tax deductible (USA). Please contact us if interested in participating.
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Three Jewels Offering

The Three Jewels offering accomplishes the complete creation of a Padmasambhava statue -- The large 13' statue is $10,000 USD and the 4' statue is $4,000 USD. The statue location will be assigned according to Ven. Khenpo Namdrol Rinpoche's direction. Please contact us about the Three Jewels Offering.
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Group Formation OfferingFor Large Statue Only

The Group Formation offering allows individuals to contribute to the creation of five statues by committing to donate $500 USD per year for five years. Many individuals have become involved in this form of giving as a way of paying tribute and acknowledging one or all of the Five Buddha families (Vajra, Ratna, Lotus, Karma and Buddha). The intent of the donation can be specified at the time of giving by including a note along with your donation. The contributions are tax-deductible (USA).
Please contact us if you have interest in offering to Khen Rinpoche's heart project.
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To contribute, please email or call the representative in your area of the world.

Thank you!